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Published Date: March 14, 2018

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First published January 2019 by Opitus Books

Available as paperback and eBook

A deadly virus ravages the country.

Lander, the twin brother of Kerryl in Paradise Girl, thinks he has escaped. However, he soon learns that the virus has a terrible, hidden side-effect. He leaves home to avoid endangering his family.

He begins a journey of discovery, encountering both the best and the worst of humanity. In the end he learns that he and Kerryl have been the victims of a deadly game, and he must make another choice. This time it’s one that will affect everybody’s future.

"This is a journey and a pilgrimage, with plenty of excitement on the way. Expect the unexpected in this fast-paced thriller!”

“A real page turner – Lander’s organised departure from the Pennine farm thwarted by circumstance, the encounters and occasional acts of kindness as he continues his journey, the emotional content, the moments of danger and dreadful cruelty, and the sinister developments underpinning the whole story. And the vivid imagination behind the absorbing and believable story is more than matched by the author’s skills as a storyteller.




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