Phill Featherstone

Writer In Residence

Phill talks to groups, large or small, about writing, publishing and the processes involved. Some of the topics offered are:

Writing and how to do it – from rough idea to first draft.
• Why are you doing it?
• Getting started
• What’s there to help you
• Discipline or free-for-all
• Characters and plots
• Voice and point of view
• Revising your work
• Have you finished yet?

Publish and be damned
• Are you really ready?
• Agents, who are they, what do they do and do you need one?
• Making a submission
• What does a mainstream publisher do? What’s in it for you?
• Going independent
• How the book trade works
• The eBook route
• Amazon – friend or foe?

Getting it out there
• Who knows about your book, and how?
• The author as ad-man (or woman)
• Twitter, Facebook, websites and groups
• How else can you promote your work?
• How long does it all take?

Writing in the third age
• What can you offer?
• Why writing is good for the brain
• Is it hard? Does it hurt?
• Writing and the older lifestyle
• What do you want out of it?
• Getting published in the later years

Each of these is a separate session but elements of them can be combined to meet the needs of the audience.

The fee charged varies according to the length of the session(s), the size of the audience and the distance from Phill’s home. Group secretaries and organisers are invited to contact him for a no obligation consultation about what you might want and to get a written quote.

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