Paradise Girl by Phill Featherstone

Paradise Girl is told through the diaries of 17 year-old Kerryl Shaw. The Shaw family live on a remote hilltop farm, and they think this will insulate them from a highly infectious virus which sweeps the country. It doesn’t, and Kerryl finds herself alone, her family and all around her gone. The diaries show how isolation and loneliness affect her, and build to a dramatic conclusion on the northern moors.

“…impossible to put down... writing of a high literary standard, with the kind of psychological depth which lingers in the mind long after reading.”

Published by Matador: 28/02/2017
Paperback and eBook.

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The God Jar by Phill Featherstone

The God Jar begins with the finding of a mysterious object by a young couple on holiday on the Cornish coast. The action jumps back to the court of Queen Elizabeth I and to Dr John Dee, known as the Queen's magician. Through him we learn what the object is, something of its powers and how it is used to change the course of history.

Back in the present, the couple discover that others are interested in their find and what it can do, and will stop at nothing to get it.

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